الاثنين، 23 نوفمبر 2015

Connect Lead is nr facebook tool getting leads info

What Is Connect Leads ? [ Connect Leads Wilco De Kreij ]

Connect Leads is a lead software tool that can help you  collect lead info faster into your auto respond-er
Connect Leads designed for using on face-book 

 you can get the same software idea with twitter if you buy  Connect leads from this link http://goo.gl/tmehP3 you will get this tool for free as a bonus

So. Why Do You Need Connect Leads ?
  As is well know that people are lazy to make any thing
connect leads will help them to fill the information required like name - email - age - relationship....etc easily in face-book platform  with out any hand writing

Connect Leads Detailed Overview
ConnectLeads is a new cloud based software tool so you will have nothing you need to download to use this. It will allow you to connect the leads you are receiving to your autoresponder or your CRM in real time. You no longer have to worry about missing an opportunity to take a lead and convert it into a sale because of the time lag in having to load your new leads into your autoresponder. It does work with all the popular autoresponders and CRMs currently out there however if you find that you have one it does not work with, just let their support know and they will adjust the software so that it does work for you. Just some of the programs that it works with are: Get Response, AWeber, Drip, SendReach, HubPages, Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Sendy, Ontraport and many, many more.
Another awesome feature of this tool is that it will allow you to capture email leads with no typing involved, it works with just 2 tabs. It will also work on an unlimited number of Facebook Pages and Lead Ads. It will also allow you segment your leads also. The features of this tool will automate your process of lead capturing, help you grow your list faster than ever and be able to strike a new lead for followup while the iron is hot. This tool is still in prelaunch so there is no pricing information currently available however they have provided a way for you to receive early access. To receive early access all you need to do is to enter your email address and they will then provide you with a unique URL. You give that URL out to 5 friends who you know will also be interested in this tool and you will be given the opportunity to receive early access.